02 November 2020

Is God Against Money?


From the desk of Servant Douglas

November 2, 2020

Re: Is God Against Money?

Hello again, dear friends!

Today I come before you in answer to a question emailed to us from a reader in Philadelphia, PA, located within the United States. Our reader asks the following question:

"Dear Servant Douglas,
I understand that we are not to love money in place of God, but is God the Source AGAINST us having money or becoming successful?

As always, an excellent question. How exactly DOES Source feel about money?
Are we, as some claim, meant to avoid filthy lucre, or does the Bible tell a different story?
Let's go to the book and see.

The Plain Truth About Money

The Holy Bible is a book of wisdom and instruction, as are other worthwhile writings and inspired teachings offered throughout the ages. In answering this particular financial question, one need only compare and contrast the writings of the various contributors to the Holy Bible.

Universal Chrysalism, a way of peace, suggests that one purpose of human life is to form rich, meaningful experiences. The ability to go, do, be, see, touch, feel, and have wonderful experiences all comes down to having enough time and money to pursue such. 

Because forming meaningful experiences is, indeed, one focal point of our existence, does it not immediately bear out that the Source which sent us would wholeheartedly support our acquiring and using material means for completing our assignment?  

Certainly, yes!

But, do not take my word for it. Let's go to the book and see.

All the Things

Dear ones, there is no wealth that does not originate from Source; for without Source nothing was made that was made. Therefore, Source is THE SOURCE of all abundance, wealth, riches, financial acquisition, material surplus, and more. There is no shame in acknowledging that wealth flows from Source, for Source is the ever-all. Where under the golden sun may be found anything goodly, worthwhile, helpful, or empowering that does not originate from Source, our Creator?

When we remain connected to Source and live the three golden pillars of life, we may claim help.

John 15:7 contains an essential promise:
"If you abide in me, and my instruction abides in you, 
you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you".

Romans 8:32 holds that:
"He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, 
how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things".

Source is a provider of all things, according to our need and desire, because things are needed in order to expand Missions One and Two, for the greater good of heaven. 

Mission One, you may recall, is the search for all that IS Source; whereas Mission Two is the search to discover all that IS NOT Source. In order to properly pursue such exp[eriential data, we may turn to Source to assist us in enjoying greater health, opportunity, and financial supply. 

And we see again in the words of Matthew, the sixth chapter and thirty-third verse:
"But seek you first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, 
and all these things shall be added unto you."

Of course, as we seek God's Holy Kingdom, as the divine pathway to obtaining all these things that we need and want in order to properly complete our mission work,  we need only to search where the Perfect Lord, Jesus instructed His followers to look:

Luke 17:21
"...for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

There are some who seek to transliterate these very clear and distinct words, transforming "within you" into "around you or in your midst". This is perfectly fine, and remains evermore profitable for worthy spiritual food, for the spirit of Source Everlasting is always truly around us, whether deeply within us or within our midst. We are always within the operant Kingdom of Source, our Father, indeed; and we love it.

So, yes, God our Course will allow you to enjoy provision and material wealth. As we remain firmly rooted in the Good Book, that beloved collection of wise instruction, we need only turn to Deuteronomy, the seventh chapter, to experience an old-world recounting of the promises of Source. 

Modernized to today's relative terms, we may trust for career help, safe and operational transportation, a goodly home, adequate nourishment, peace and plenty in the land, and an abundant harvest in due season. In other words, the Lord of Hosts is perfect FINE with you enjoying material plenty.

But, ONLY On ONE Condition

Pause for a moment and gain some mental clarity. Imagine that you were Source, and that you held all the power, the resources, and the material possessions of this massive universe.  It's ALL yours to do with what you will. Now, along comes precious humanity, who eventually creates a system of mutual exchange for commerce and trade. They call it money. 

Your precious humans scurry about, doing amazing things. Over time, you begin to notice that some accumulate a tremendous sum of trade credits, this "money" about which they think and speak. Some of those exceedingly wealthy individuals no longer think about you or your mission work; instead focusing only on trade credits and the pleasurable experiences that credits can afford them. Yes, experiences ARE vital for mission work, but so is a deep, profound spiritual connection with SOURCE.  How else will those experiential data flow to heaven's data banks?

You feel sad because something has crept in between you and your precious humankind: money blocks the flow of connection and trust that they once held with you.

1 Timothy 6:10 demonstrates this prohibition from spiritual disconnect:

"For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, 
have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows."

and also the words of Luke 12:15

"Then he said, 'Beware! Guard against every kind of greed
Life is not measured by how much you own."

Friends, God our Provider wants us to have connection and trust; faith and reliance with It. When your children feel joy, do you not wish to experience such moments with them? God does not want us to scratch and beg through life, but as the FINEST of loving parents, Source wants to remain included in our walk. Money must not block your connection to Source.  Only on this one condition will Source trust you with all these things that you desire to be, to do, and to have in life.

Now, do you see?

More Evidence that Source Approves of Wealth:

Remaining in the book, let us examine more of the living word of God as it pertains to money.
It is important to hold fast to profitable instruction, and the wisdom contained in the sacred teachings of the ages offers keys to not only how to satisfy our immediate needs, but also how to seed now for an abundant harvest that lasts for generations.

It Takes Money to Live Debt-Free

1.  Proverbs 22:7 demonstrates that God wants you to live free from debt, something that cannot be accomplished eeking out a meager living in poverty.

"Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender."

2.  Romans 13:8 suggests another clear directive from the living God regarding debt, the elimination of which takes money and stewardship, not needless want or lack.

"Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. 
If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law."

It Takes Money to Provide Stewardship

3.  1 Timothy 5:8 teaches that God esteems poor financial stewardship as being worse than unbelief.

" But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, 
have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers."

4.  Luke 16:11 indicates that worldly wealth is, in fact, an ESSENTIAL test of heavenly preparedness.

"And if you are untrustworthy about worldly wealth, 
who will trust you with the true riches of heaven?"

5.  Proverbs 13:22 shows that it is SIN, not money, that God cannot tolerate. It takes an abundance of money in order to leave a good inheritance, after all.

" Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren, 
but the sinner’s wealth passes to the godly."

6.  Proverbs 21:20 speaks clearly about how God views those who have wealth and luxury.

"The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get."

Pathways to Provision

7.  John 10:10   declares the perfect will of Christ regarding your abundant life:

"I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

8.  Luke 6:38  indicates that giving indeed plants a living seed, which becomes an abundant harvest.

"Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together 
to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. 
The amount you give will determine the amount you get back."

9.  Proverbs 3: 9-10  clearly states that when you honor God the Source, He blesses your trust.

"Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce. 
Then He will fill your barns with grain, and your vats will overflow with good wine"

10.  Malachi 3: 8-10 explains exactly how godly wealth is multiplied, and how God invites you to put this tremendous blessing to the test

"Should people cheat God? Yet you have cheated me! But you ask, ‘What do you mean? 
When did we ever cheat you?’ You have cheated me of the tithes and offerings due to me
You are under a curse, for your whole nation has been cheating me. 
Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. 
If you do, I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it inTry it! Put me to the test!"

11.  Deuteronomy 16:17 decisively commands blessed seed-faith giving, according to one's increase.

"All must give as they are able, according to the blessings given to them by the Lord your God."

12.  Phillipians 4:19  teaches that we serve a God of abundance and provision, and not of want or lack.

"And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs 
from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus."

13.  John 15:16  

"...that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, He may give it you."

14.  2 Corinthians 9:8   empowers us toward provision, that we may do good, become better, and share freely of the love and abundance that flows from the never-ending Source of all.

"And God will generously provide all you need.
 Then you will always have everything you need 
and plenty left over to share with others."

Dearest friends, 

We've surely settled the age-old worry about whether or not it is godly to seek useful abundance and adequate provision in our daily walk. Of course, it is. 

We stand at the doorway leading into the third decade of the 21st Century, and we have demonstrated the peace profound which comes from faithful trust in Source. Our hope is well-founded, as our financial beliefs and expectations remain clearly in the book, as the old saying goes. 

God doesn't care if you seek wealth and material comforts, just so long as your focus remains on open and free-flowing communication with Source. Free Will allows us to pursue mission work however we feel called to do so. If you wish to do great things, go and do great things. If you feel content living a modest lifestyle, then embrace such with the continued love and approval of Source. You are always in control.

Be mindful to observe the three basic pillars of our faith, the third of which is the sharing of love. The gift of the seed-faith, or holy tithe, is an excellent way to demonstrate faith in action along this pillar of service. When you invest in the work of the living Source, you may expect a harvest in due season.

Be blessed, safe, and well.
Always and in all ways, indeed.

In loving service, 

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19 October 2020

Finding Calmness


From the desk of Servant Douglas

Re: Finding Calmness

Hello, again, dear friends.
Douglas here, with a question from a reader in the United Kingdom:

"Servant Douglas, how may we find calm in the midst of life's struggles?"

Such a perfect question for the times in which we presently live. When we look around, whether by social media, print news, or on televised news channels, we can quickly become overwhelmed at the bombardment of negativity and struggle that grips people, everywhere. 

Earth has never been an easy world in which to live. So, if we are to enjoy peace in our time, how may we find that center of calmness amidst the hectic swirl of life?

Calming the Storm

I told my troubles to a stone, and yet the stone stood firm. I told my troubles to a cat, and yet the cat moved on. I shared my troubles with a cow, and lo, it softly mooed. I took my troubles up to Source, and Source shared peace, profound. Who do you turn to whenever the storms of life rage around you? 

There is a cause for human life; there is a higher power upon Whom we may rely during the ups and downs of life. If all that we have to lean upon is our own understanding, how troublesome and unsteady life soon begins to feel! Today's people cry out for proof before a hefty measure of faith will be given; yet, the process works entirely in reverse. Free Will requires that we first give a direct invitation to Source, that It may move on our behalf. 

The good farmer plants a seed, expecting a harvest in due season. A diligent student puts in her time, preparing her understanding. A wise woman secures a choice selection of real estate, and its value grows over time. A young person works long hours, while others play, knowing that in due time his efforts will not have gone in vain. The time to begin creating your tomorrow is now.

Therefore, let me encourage you NOW to establish some sort of open relationship with Source, BEFORE life grows hectic. Mission Two, that search to experience all that Source is NOT, is ever-present. If your life holds no firm foundation, it cannot easily withstand the strong blasts of Mission work. Loss grows all around us, but an open faith that all things work for good helps to create anchor points for steady living. An open, trusting relationship with the Force that spoke worlds into existence is a pathway to calming the storms of life. And, there is a pathway that seems unusual to some, yet it leads to fulfillment for those willing to guide themselves along the trail.

Your first step in establishing peace which persists is to undergo the uncomfortable task of examining what beliefs you are willing to accept versus those which have not served you. When would now be the right time to reach up? The shattered addict finally turns to prayer, thinking there is nothing left to lose. Had she only started at the Source, her Mission work may not have had to be so costly or painful. Any loss is loss, after all; it is not the degree of loss that counts, but the individual perspective which, contrasted against the main, gives a richer definition of the core concept. When you reach up, what meets you halfway will never let you down.

You need not wait until you have no other alternative than to reach out to Source. Do not expect instant miracles to solve problems. Divine intervention sometimes harms your assignment more than aides such. Source doesn't pay the late water bill or keep you housed. Source doesn't bail someone out after a wild night of partying. Source works best with plenty of lead time, to allow the right opportunities, people, and events to be carefully brought to bear upon your circumstances. When we include Source Everlasting in our life's plans, often what would have gone wrong suddenly works together for our good. So, don't wait! Begin your turn around by partnership with the living Source.

Quick Emotional Relief

Friends, I did not create the amazing human brain, but I did stumble upon one of its wonderful secrets. As we now know, the sense of smell activates the seat of emotional memory, called the amygdala. because of this activation, your awesome mind may redefine how strongly it feels about past or present circumstances or events. It gives you back control over how to feel about things

Aroma may be used in a certain way to help relieve negative emotions. If you know what bothers you, think about how intensely it upsets you. Rate this emotional intensity using a scale ranging from perfectly calm (zero) all the way up to most extreme (eleven). Jot down the number that bests reflects your emotional intensity. That way you can compare progress after this brief exercise.

Find a safe, secure location, free from distraction. Be certain not to use this exercise while operating machinery or while performing tasks that otherwise require your attention. Select a safe, familiar aroma and gently take in seven slow, deep breaths. The purpose of deep breathing is to allow your mind to
regain control over your physical stress. Quite slowly and gently, now, allow the tension in your arms and shoulders to drop, lower and lower, as you regain self-control.

Next, speak the following words of self-instruction:

It feels better to take back control, of my mind and body.
And I like how it feels.

I remember how it feels to give myself back control.

And even though I don't know how to fix what's wrong,
I can trust again that there are answers to be found.

And, when I know how to fix problems in life, it feels good.
I can feel safe when I know what to do.

Because the how reassures me that a fix may be on its way.
A fix may be on its way to me, shortly.

And, I can know how to help fix problems when the time is right.
Because without the right time, even knowing how doesn't help.

But, I can wait a bit longer, knowing help is coming soon.
And, I will trust a little more when I see the help that comes.

I'm more in control now than I was, before.
I can choose how to feel, and maybe I'll decide to feel calmer.
More certain. More at ease, just now.  I might decide to feel it.

And, when I choose to help myself by feeling what I need,
I can decide to accept all help and goodness in my life.

The how is oh so very important, and I haven't forgotten it, yet.
Because how reassures me that something will be done.
When I know how it all works out, I can trust a thing to get done. 

And who knows when a HOW will come, but feeling frames the outcome.
So, I might decide to feel better, so I won't miss out on the HOW.

Lastly, finish with seven more slow, cleansing breaths, all while gently sniffing your safe, familiar aroma. When aroma activates a part of the mind to remember the goodness that life has to offer, the feeling frames the outcomes by changing expectancy and focus from lower vibrational thoughts back up to higher consciousness.  The shift sets the stage for a season of improvement.

ONE MORE THING: Quick now, re-rate those feelings. Remember, the scale goes from extremely intense eleven all the way down to calm, peaceful zero.  Jot down your new emotional intensity rating score, and just for now, compare the new number to your first.   Your number got lower, didn't it?

Isn't that awesome?  Use that wonderful self-control restoration trick whenever you need it.

Parting Thoughts

Dear friends, in this time we have together, let's work to improve the world in which we live. The three golden pillars give us ample room for growth, reminding us by thoughts and by deeds to do good, become better, and share love. When we extend helpful energy, we plant seeds for others and for our own abundant harvest. Compassion is a gift that blesses both ways. 

If this message has in some way blessed you, please consider sharing it with a friend or companion? Our outreach is an expression of our compassion for others, allowing us to serve the people by doing good.

In all experiences, remember that you are the magic of each moment. You are the ones who bring the love of heaven to Earth. Be blessed, dear ones, always and in all ways. Amen.

In loving service, 

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15 October 2020

Ready to GIVE UP ?

From the desk of
Servant Douglas

Re:  Ready to GIVE UP?

Hello, dear friends.

Douglas here, with you again in response to a message I received from a follower of the work. In short, she felt as though her whole life has simply been a wasted experience. She felt like an utter failure, and lately, she has contemplated giving up on life.

What can be done to soothe the wounded heart?

One important piece of the puzzle is to understand that failure IS success, here on Earth.

The Struggle is the Point

Imagine for a moment that you could lose nothing, ever. You could not lose money, comfort, friends, security, love, health, happiness, shelter, or time.  You could never experience the hard lessons of adversity because it was impossible for you to fail. 

Now, imagine that Source, the living consciousness that goes by countless names, asked you to explain the concept of "loss".  You could never explain such because you cannot truly and fully understand that which you have not experienced. Source needs your help in understanding loss; yet, you have nothing to hand. You see, when you gather something, then you have something to hand. When you do not gather something, you have nothing to hand. It's difficult to teach what you have never learned.

Mission Two: The Search for Loss

In Chrysalism, we offer mythology which suggests that the first great assignment from Source Everlasting was for the angels to seek out all knowledge pertaining to what Source was like. With the great declaration, "I Am!" Source established a divine presence through true consciousness. The first mission soon followed: "Now, go forth and discover ALL that which I Am."

After a time of extensive data acquisition, the angelic host presented their findings to Source. These findings greatly pleased the One Consciousness, Who entered into a time of private meditation, in order to ruminate upon the data which were presented. During this time of quiet concentration, Source is not to be disturbed. Before entering the Chrysalis-like state of self-exploration, Source decreed a new mission: Mission 2

"I Am! Therefore, go forth and discover ALL that which I Am not." And, so it was that Source placed the arch-angels in charge of Mission Two and then sealed Itself up the Holy Chrysalis. 

This mythology hints at one possibility as to why Source sometimes feels distant, or why "God" allows suffering on Earth. In short, Source is sequestered in the chrysalis of deep meditative, undistracted contemplation. God is not gone, but simply quite busy. It is not God who allows evil in this world, but rather, it is the nature of this world to provide loss, from whence evil emerges. After all, Mission Two is the search for loss.

Why We Struggle

Carrying this mythology forward to today's troubled times, one may begin to see why humans struggle and suffer: we are, in the way of mortal flesh, gathering experiential data of LOSS, otherwise known as all the things that Source is not.  Source is not suffering. Source is not hatred, nor bitterness; nor is Source envy, want, lack, covetousness, nor murder, nor anger. 

Source is not greed, nor illness; Source is neither death nor pain.  What is pain, but the LOSS of comfort?  What is poverty, but the LOSS of abundant provision?  For all these experiences which mortal flesh may endure, there is a common root for the source of evil in earthly life: the concept of LOSS. 

The fear of loss, itself, has always bedeviled fragile humankind. We appear on this world naked, cold, and afraid. Humans emerge with neither warm, protective fur nor the means of adequate self-defense. In every sense, we are begging to experience loss while in this primitive form. 

Earth is just one of the undoubtedly many worlds where third-dimensional experience may afford mortal flesh the opportunity to experience every form of loss. Loss drives men mad; loss breaks hearts and shatters dreams. The fear of loss intimidates and cowers the ambitious and the broken, in equal measure. Loss frosts hearts and makes hardened the souls of weary people. The fear of loss has always been devil enough to burden and crush human existence; we have needed no other force to encumber our stride.

Victory Is Yours

Source is the light. Shadow is what happens when something occludes the light from hungry eyes. For everything that is great about Source, there may be found a shadow experienced by turning away from the Light. I tell you truly, we need never fear shadows; for they simply mean the Light is shining nearby.

One reason why people struggle in life is that they have been unwitting participants in the great second mission -- the search to experience and report on ALL that Source is not. One source of evil in this world is the concept of LOSS. For truly, there is no evil visited upon humankind that does not contain loss as a contributory element or factor. Loss is vital for understanding that which Source is not. 

Therefore, I say to you, those who struggle and suffer to the point of giving up: congratulations!  You, more so than the rest of those who labor on Earth, have contributed much toward fulfillment of Mission Two.  Your struggles have earned you laurels back home, from whence we came. And, may peaceful patience be upon us, for in due time we all return home to submit our hard-earned experiential data uploads. 

Your struggles have not been for nothing. In truth, your service makes all the difference to the great work at hand. We could never grow without your volunteer efforts. You are the difference that selfless love has made. 

Once Is Enough

In a world of darkness, you help bring the sparks of light. You did not have to come, yet again, to help assist this benighted world. And yet, here you are, in whatever capacity presently serves your deeper service. When examined from a larger perspective, there may be found no greater success than the lowly servant who goes unrecognized throughout her labors.  The overlooked, the disenfranchised, and the poor are among those burdened many who have borne the mission on willing shoulders. This is why the Greatest Master assured us that "blessed are those who..."

The good news is that once you have experienced a particular loss, you may begin to cancel the obligation to re-visit that same suffering in future encounters. Once is enough. The duplicity of data is not preferred; you need not continue an endless cycle of repeated negative experiences or mistakes. Often we see people who repeatedly enter into abusive relationships, falling into predictable patterns with disastrous outcomes every time.  You are not working out some karmic debt. You are selflessly aiding Mission Two. One needs only to turn in her assignment and cancel the inclination to repeat the same mistakes. You do have a choice.


Peace and Joy Are Also Available

You need not carry the weight of Mission Two alone. Once you have suffered some negative outcomes, give yourself permission to enjoy life and the riches that it has to offer. Look around you; not everyone struggles and suffers, day by day. You, too, may cancel the need to continuously gather loss. Flip the script!

Instruct your mind, which is to say that spark of divine consciousness which recognizes you as a living, independent being, and command your consciousness to deliver to you new and interesting opportunities to contribute to Mission One, instead.  Ask your higher self for assistance shifting from Mission Two over into Mission One.  You have served your time! Isn't it time for some fun?

As you recall, Mission One seeks to experience ALL that Source is: the love, the joy, the peace, plenty, abundance, comfort, provision, manifestation, and profound feelings of purpose and satisfaction.  These, too, are your natural birthright; you need merely to claim an interest in them to begin to turn your life around. 

Where your focus burns with emotional bliss, your experiences must be led to follow. By working with this great power, human fascination, opportunities and new experiences may become available to us. Some call this blessed gift the "law of attraction", the common understanding of which is rather like the outer porch to the greater temple of Mission One. Learn the deeper truths to harnessing your birthright.

Each of us enjoys angelic assistants who are usually restrained from intervention in our physical mission work unless we specifically ask for help. Source is busy, and until Source emerges from the chrysalis of self-reflection and study, we must wait while diligently performing mission service. In fact, no one knows the day or hour of Source emerging. Therefore, use this opportunity to grow yourself, through contemplative work within the three great pillars: doing good, becoming better, and sharing love.

The choice is always yours: either focus on love or loss; Mission One or Mission Two.  

Therefore, dear ones, do not end your present work.  Persist with us. Lean upon our gentle understanding until you find your footing, once more. The way will clear, your refreshed life path will rise to meet you, and with new-found strength and purpose, your life can begin to unfold according to the promise and the love in which we all share. 

Persist in your struggle, and when you decide to focus on the good things in life, flip the script.

You are vital to this human experience. This is why I repeatedly remind you that you truly are everything, briefly packed into something, in order to serve the greater good until that exciting day when Source Everlasting emerges from contemplative thought and awards you for your hard service, speaking "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."  

In loving service, 
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Stay blessed! 

14 October 2020

Forging Unshakable Confidence


From the desk of Servant Douglas

Re: Forging Unshakable Confidence 

Hello again, dear friends.
Douglas here, with a message of encouragement in today's trying times.

Confidence has been defined as the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. Confidence is prized in our society as one of the distinguishing characteristics suggesting the likelihood of one obtaining greater success, happiness, health, wealth, and overall satisfaction. My goodness! What emphasis we place on confidence. How is it, then, that rock-solid confidence seems to elude many intelligent people in the world?

We intuitively understand that confidence is vital for moving toward the purpose that is planned for our lives. The enemy of purpose is fear of loss. We are surrounded daily by the enemy, which pulls at us by way of self-doubt, fear, and diminished confidence. The inner critic, that nagging voice of self-doubt, stifles out dreams and places uncertainty before our dreams and goals. 

When you give your feelings over to fear, you turn away from the purpose placed upon your heart. Fear is an enemy who seeks to steal from you the joy that comes from doing good, becoming better, and sharing love. Confidence is a natural out-flowing of one's healthy inner self-certainty; peace flows when the knower knows. 

And, why not claim the healthy, appropriate confidence that you so richly deserve? Know you not that you are everything, wrapped in the love of Source, sent here for purposes that reveal themselves with each forward step? Confidence is your way-finder; faith is your light. Trust your feelings, and find what you need in your mind. 

The Keys to Greater Confidence

Without a doubt, confidence is a mindset. Because confidence is an expression of inner beliefs, your mindset may be amended and improved upon. One must build confidence appropriately, lest false confidence fail us when leaned upon in troubled times. Truth presents itself in manifest ways, and behind every truth, there is an assignment. By completing the assignment, we obtain the riches held in store by each noble truth.

One path to cultivating proper confidence is to redefine how you respond to yourself at the associative, symbolic level of thinking. In other words, subconsciously, you must believe that you are capable of rising to meet reasonable challenges that present themselves throughout the course of daily living. Do you believe that you are capable and responsible? 

Well, how would one know, with any dependable certainty, whether she is capable, reliable, trustworthy, and competent? The first key to unshakable confidence is to respond to the assignment behind the truth.  Ask yourself how you feel when you read aloud the following affirmative statement:

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

Your assignment is to watch for the inner critic, paying careful attention to how you respond to statements about yourself. Please slowly repeat that affirmation a few more times, and pay careful attention to your thoughts and feelings that arise in response to your bold declaration. Is there within you an argumentative, critical voice of doubt, uncertainty, shame, guilt, or incompetence? Most people find some inner criticism or self-doubt. 

Please write down every negative thought or feeling that you detect as you repeat that bold affirmation. What is written may be measured; what is measured may be monitored. That which is monitored may reveal changes. Changes in feelings. Changes in reaction and expectation; helpful changes in confidence. Be sure to write down every adverse response you experience while boldly declaring that strong affirmation.

The second key to unshakable confidence is to take back your power from what was written. A baby does not harbor those feelings you wrote down. A toddler likely holds very few of those feelings, too. So, this begs the question:  since you were not born into this world carrying with you those things that you jotted down, WHERE did you learn them? 

What life experiences impressed those awful feelings and reactions upon you? What happened to you or around you that placed the seed of adversity in your mind, to such degree that even today such negativity rises up at the slightest suggestion that there is something remarkably special about you? 

Think about that one for a while.

Tell a little child that there is something special about them, and they will beam with joy. Tell a middle-aged man the same thing and he will emotionally pull away from you in guarded suspicion and deep disbelief. We have forgotten the magic of life, within. When did we lose that childlike innocence?  When did we stop leaping out of bed on special holiday mornings? When did we stop adding and a half when sharing our age with new acquaintances? When was the last time someone asked you which dinosaur is your favorite? If someone asked you such, what emotional reaction would emerge? 

There is Even Biblical Support

The Greatest Master, Lord Jesus, spoke in Matthew 18:3, saying "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." How do we enter that special kingdom of heaven while in the waking state of human existence? We must return to the state of innocent childhood, before the hard blows of this world placed fear and traumatic wounding on our sense of self. What is needed is to release the hurt, allowing the healing to conclude.

Staying with biblical scripture, consider Matthew 6:33: "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Joy, giving, gentleness, bliss, love, compassion, caring, certainty, provision, security, mercy, and healing; these and more are true benefits of the kingdom. The rich, abundant blessings of the kingdom, known also as a state of ultimate condition or existence, may become manifest ALL AROUND YOU in your daily walk when you first seek the kingdom.

Lastly, if we are to seek first the kingdom of God, WHERE may we find such? We need look no further than to the trustworthy words of Lord Jesus, expressed specifically in Luke, the seventeenth chapter and twenty-first verse, saying "...for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."  Other interpretations transliterate "is within you" into a variation "is around you / is in your midst".  And, so it is that when you enter the kingdom, known as the pure, childlike connection to the living consciousness of God the Source, the blessings of that connection truly manifest both WITHIN you and AROUND you. This is a hidden key to abundance and personal peace.

So, as we approach this spiritual relationship with the safety and innocence of the divine, free from negative encroachments upon our subconscious mind, we tap into a divine birthright to receive all these things that shall be added unto us, as well.  Among such is healing; a healing of our past and of the inner critic that limits our self-confidence. This is why Source is the source: a love everlasting flows from God, according to His righteousness, throughout the kingdom, and all things truly work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Now, who could not stand confidently in that plain truth?

Listen to me: there is something special about you. You are essential to this world, whether you realize it or not. What is needed is not a passive acceptance of some good-natured compliment, but a restoration of the fundamental state of human awakening: a return to the innocence in what is right within you.

A Return to Innocence

How confident would you say that you are, in general?  Yeah, pretty confident? Reconsider what you wrote down earlier, in response to your bold affirmation. What you have written is all that stands between you and the higher level of confidence that you seek. Re-visit your affirmation:

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

If you consistently felt that way, at every level of your being, would you continue to tolerate your present walk through life, or would you make some improvements?

The way to take back emotional power is to lightly sniff any safe, pleasing aroma (activates the emotion bank of the mind for safe self-instruction) all while boldly redefining all those written negative feelings by speaking words similar to the following:

I get to decide when now is the right time to let go of old hurts and fears.

I can choose when to release fear and worry, and I reclaim my power.

I get to say when, who, how, and why.  I get to decide from now on.

I take back every moment that challenged my right to safety and choice.

I reclaim my dignity, safety, security, and certainty.

I don't have to slowly forgive anyone, but, in time, I might consider it.

I don't have to release my hatred for those who wronged me, but releasing it might feel better.

Because I get to say when, and I don't have to let go, now.

Because I can keep on holding the heavy, painful past if I want to; I get to decide, now.

Because I redefine my mind and make room for love, love, love, and more love.

You don't control me. You sit back and watch me take back the night. Taking back the day.

I can decide how to live with passion and firmness of purpose. I get to choose for me.

And, even though I made mistakes, those mistakes helped MAKE ME who I am.

And, I am someone I can live with. I like me, and I am safe with my judgment.

I can live with confidence, knowing that safety and provision are around me and within me.

I am capable, I am smart, I am able, and I am wide awake.

With eyes wide open, and my mind fully open to strong possibilities, I trust myself again.

Because what is good within me contributes to what is right with my life and world.

And, I can decide when now feels right to choose something better for my life. Yes, indeed.

Quick, now...relax your body and mind.  Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and allow your major muscles to relax.  

Let's quickly re-visit our original bold affirmation of confidence, and this time notice any DIFFERENCE in how your inner critic responds:

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

Notice the difference in how your inner critic responded to those daring, life-scripting words?

You have taken your first step into a larger world of possibilities, dear one.

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You truly are always in control, so only you can decide when the time is right to explore your new, larger world. 

Be at peace, dear ones.

In loving service, 

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13 October 2020

Short-cut to Easier Meditation

From the desk of Servant Douglas

Re: Meditation Short-cut

Hello again, dear friends.

One of the biggest complaints I have heard regarding the topic of MEDITATION is that participants often feel unable to quiet the chaotic, distracted mind. As if attaining a quiet, centered mind is the only pathway to experiencing the unifying bliss of pure meditative state!

Here's a meditation secret:
the purpose of meditation is not to silence the mind, but rather to recognize that there is only ONE mind; you are merged with all.

The Free Path

When you realize with real eyes that you are not your body, but the quiet observer within the body, you will have placed one sandal upon the free path. When you next realize that you are not the observer, but you are observing the observer, you will have taken your first full step along the free path.

Yet, there is another step to take: always another step to take. Suffering is both the path and the journey the path-walker undertakes. Meditation allows one to see the path and the journey through obfuscation and scattered thoughts. Mental silence is what remains after the mind enjoys a time of unchaperoned indulgence and processing. Go with the ride, for the mind that scatters is an eternal child, playing in the golden sunlight of ever-after. There is no urgency in the illusion.

Again, dear ones:  there is no urgency in the illusion.

Meditation is observing the observer; knowing the knower; all the while progressively realizing that this material cosmos is but illusion granted us for growth and pleasure. When was the last time you were pleased with your growth?

Mental Liberation IS Control

Permit the meditating mind to wander, drift, interject; play mental music. Refuse to allow yourself to quietly focus upon the soft, stillness behind those wide open, softly-closed eyes. Make noise where calmness persists. Return order from chaos; create chaos from order. Be randomness.

All things are made new. That which is new weathers betimes into disrepair. And so, the cycle is restored. What use is firm concentration, where an orderly, disordered outcome is established, on the main?

Wetness withdraws into the driest texture. Aridness precipitates in giant droplets of soak and rejuvenation. And, all along, the mind drifts freely to contemplate observance and sensory overload, with mental imagery emblazoned across every firm attempt to still the tempest within. Folly! Set it free. Be as a child.

Paradox is the Key

As so often is the case with esoteric truth and pathways to greater enlightenment, the paradox IS the principle.

How can the sun be also the moon? The masculine and feminine, reconciled. The sun, standing southward at meridian height, reveals all that shadow conceals; yet, the softness of full, radiant moonlight creates magic wherever shadow falls.

That which destroys is brought low asunder by that which creates.  Who but honored Woman holds the power to birth spirits into third-dimensional, material existence? I tell you, she holds the greater key to the mysteries of the universe. A lock for a key; she offers understanding to the fevered mind, burning with desire to know the knower within.

When the lower becomes as the upper, and the inner becomes as the outer; as the seeker becomes that which is sought. and that which is known becomes as she who seeks to know; as the morning dew moistens that which receives; as that which receives conjoins to that which moistens; as aged wine to silver chalice; as that which is within becomes like that which is without; the free path is apprehended and achieved in a single step.

The yoga of gentle meditation needs no cruel taskmaster to force grievous compliance. It is a simple matter, like smiling in the face of a gentle midsummer breeze, upon which delicately floats a soft, breathy name spoken in sublime ecstasy: beloved Magdalene.

Stillness Eventually Comes

The root of spiritual paradox hints at its application upon the free path. Only when we unleash our mental calmness to know and seek, and through unfettered liberation opine and reflect, to taste and know our prudent lust in lavish reserve; only then do we prepare a safer place in the mind for our inner observer to perceive the knower within.

"Know thyself", the Delphic maxim commands. What may we do, those stirring few who seek to know the Unknowable which eternally contemplates the All? There is no self; yet, who is the self that observes that there is no self?  One treads the free path only to the extent that she, in knowing faith, takes the next step. Freedom sets the soul to flight. Detachment comes from a shifting perspective.

It is only by realizing our deepest hindrances to the free path that we liberate the mind within, setting free our everlasting connection point with Source. We become evermore free as we perceive our deepest limitations and restraint.

Therefore, in your meditative practice abandon the novice dependency upon form, ritual, or accouterment. Intention and expectation work the alchemical fires of creation. Force will not calm the perturbed pond. Stillness comes when it is time. The mind prepares itself for inner peace when it feels ready. The prepared instrument may play the sweetest music of the age. Be peaceful in your playful meditations, until the day comes when only stillness appears. 

There is magic in you. You've only to unleash it. 

Allow the mind to wander in seemingly unproductive, irritating ways. You are running out remnants of thoughts, old traumas, concerns, and idle distractions. You have eternity, so why not afford your seasoned mind a little patience until it feels ready to relax into that majestic stillness you crave?

Be the peace you seek.
Share the love you make.
Become the light that leads.

It all begins where it ends, in the Universal Consciousness.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Be blessed and well, always and in all ways, indeed.

Your servant in love,

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11 October 2020


From the desk of Servant Douglas

Re:  Introducing the Blog

Hello, Friends.

Douglas here with you again, with special news for outreach.
We have added a basic blog to our growing outreach program, 
in order to better serve your spiritual growth and needs.

I invite you to reach out through our email address or via
this blog if you have any topics or questions you wish 
to see addressed or answered at this venue.

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This initial blog posting will permit us to tinker with 
the formatting and font settings, et cetera. 

That is all I have for you at this juncture.
Be blessed and well, always and in all ways, indeed.

Your servant in love, 

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