14 October 2020

Forging Unshakable Confidence


From the desk of Servant Douglas

Re: Forging Unshakable Confidence 

Hello again, dear friends.
Douglas here, with a message of encouragement in today's trying times.

Confidence has been defined as the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. Confidence is prized in our society as one of the distinguishing characteristics suggesting the likelihood of one obtaining greater success, happiness, health, wealth, and overall satisfaction. My goodness! What emphasis we place on confidence. How is it, then, that rock-solid confidence seems to elude many intelligent people in the world?

We intuitively understand that confidence is vital for moving toward the purpose that is planned for our lives. The enemy of purpose is fear of loss. We are surrounded daily by the enemy, which pulls at us by way of self-doubt, fear, and diminished confidence. The inner critic, that nagging voice of self-doubt, stifles out dreams and places uncertainty before our dreams and goals. 

When you give your feelings over to fear, you turn away from the purpose placed upon your heart. Fear is an enemy who seeks to steal from you the joy that comes from doing good, becoming better, and sharing love. Confidence is a natural out-flowing of one's healthy inner self-certainty; peace flows when the knower knows. 

And, why not claim the healthy, appropriate confidence that you so richly deserve? Know you not that you are everything, wrapped in the love of Source, sent here for purposes that reveal themselves with each forward step? Confidence is your way-finder; faith is your light. Trust your feelings, and find what you need in your mind. 

The Keys to Greater Confidence

Without a doubt, confidence is a mindset. Because confidence is an expression of inner beliefs, your mindset may be amended and improved upon. One must build confidence appropriately, lest false confidence fail us when leaned upon in troubled times. Truth presents itself in manifest ways, and behind every truth, there is an assignment. By completing the assignment, we obtain the riches held in store by each noble truth.

One path to cultivating proper confidence is to redefine how you respond to yourself at the associative, symbolic level of thinking. In other words, subconsciously, you must believe that you are capable of rising to meet reasonable challenges that present themselves throughout the course of daily living. Do you believe that you are capable and responsible? 

Well, how would one know, with any dependable certainty, whether she is capable, reliable, trustworthy, and competent? The first key to unshakable confidence is to respond to the assignment behind the truth.  Ask yourself how you feel when you read aloud the following affirmative statement:

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

Your assignment is to watch for the inner critic, paying careful attention to how you respond to statements about yourself. Please slowly repeat that affirmation a few more times, and pay careful attention to your thoughts and feelings that arise in response to your bold declaration. Is there within you an argumentative, critical voice of doubt, uncertainty, shame, guilt, or incompetence? Most people find some inner criticism or self-doubt. 

Please write down every negative thought or feeling that you detect as you repeat that bold affirmation. What is written may be measured; what is measured may be monitored. That which is monitored may reveal changes. Changes in feelings. Changes in reaction and expectation; helpful changes in confidence. Be sure to write down every adverse response you experience while boldly declaring that strong affirmation.

The second key to unshakable confidence is to take back your power from what was written. A baby does not harbor those feelings you wrote down. A toddler likely holds very few of those feelings, too. So, this begs the question:  since you were not born into this world carrying with you those things that you jotted down, WHERE did you learn them? 

What life experiences impressed those awful feelings and reactions upon you? What happened to you or around you that placed the seed of adversity in your mind, to such degree that even today such negativity rises up at the slightest suggestion that there is something remarkably special about you? 

Think about that one for a while.

Tell a little child that there is something special about them, and they will beam with joy. Tell a middle-aged man the same thing and he will emotionally pull away from you in guarded suspicion and deep disbelief. We have forgotten the magic of life, within. When did we lose that childlike innocence?  When did we stop leaping out of bed on special holiday mornings? When did we stop adding and a half when sharing our age with new acquaintances? When was the last time someone asked you which dinosaur is your favorite? If someone asked you such, what emotional reaction would emerge? 

There is Even Biblical Support

The Greatest Master, Lord Jesus, spoke in Matthew 18:3, saying "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." How do we enter that special kingdom of heaven while in the waking state of human existence? We must return to the state of innocent childhood, before the hard blows of this world placed fear and traumatic wounding on our sense of self. What is needed is to release the hurt, allowing the healing to conclude.

Staying with biblical scripture, consider Matthew 6:33: "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Joy, giving, gentleness, bliss, love, compassion, caring, certainty, provision, security, mercy, and healing; these and more are true benefits of the kingdom. The rich, abundant blessings of the kingdom, known also as a state of ultimate condition or existence, may become manifest ALL AROUND YOU in your daily walk when you first seek the kingdom.

Lastly, if we are to seek first the kingdom of God, WHERE may we find such? We need look no further than to the trustworthy words of Lord Jesus, expressed specifically in Luke, the seventeenth chapter and twenty-first verse, saying "...for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."  Other interpretations transliterate "is within you" into a variation "is around you / is in your midst".  And, so it is that when you enter the kingdom, known as the pure, childlike connection to the living consciousness of God the Source, the blessings of that connection truly manifest both WITHIN you and AROUND you. This is a hidden key to abundance and personal peace.

So, as we approach this spiritual relationship with the safety and innocence of the divine, free from negative encroachments upon our subconscious mind, we tap into a divine birthright to receive all these things that shall be added unto us, as well.  Among such is healing; a healing of our past and of the inner critic that limits our self-confidence. This is why Source is the source: a love everlasting flows from God, according to His righteousness, throughout the kingdom, and all things truly work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Now, who could not stand confidently in that plain truth?

Listen to me: there is something special about you. You are essential to this world, whether you realize it or not. What is needed is not a passive acceptance of some good-natured compliment, but a restoration of the fundamental state of human awakening: a return to the innocence in what is right within you.

A Return to Innocence

How confident would you say that you are, in general?  Yeah, pretty confident? Reconsider what you wrote down earlier, in response to your bold affirmation. What you have written is all that stands between you and the higher level of confidence that you seek. Re-visit your affirmation:

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

If you consistently felt that way, at every level of your being, would you continue to tolerate your present walk through life, or would you make some improvements?

The way to take back emotional power is to lightly sniff any safe, pleasing aroma (activates the emotion bank of the mind for safe self-instruction) all while boldly redefining all those written negative feelings by speaking words similar to the following:

I get to decide when now is the right time to let go of old hurts and fears.

I can choose when to release fear and worry, and I reclaim my power.

I get to say when, who, how, and why.  I get to decide from now on.

I take back every moment that challenged my right to safety and choice.

I reclaim my dignity, safety, security, and certainty.

I don't have to slowly forgive anyone, but, in time, I might consider it.

I don't have to release my hatred for those who wronged me, but releasing it might feel better.

Because I get to say when, and I don't have to let go, now.

Because I can keep on holding the heavy, painful past if I want to; I get to decide, now.

Because I redefine my mind and make room for love, love, love, and more love.

You don't control me. You sit back and watch me take back the night. Taking back the day.

I can decide how to live with passion and firmness of purpose. I get to choose for me.

And, even though I made mistakes, those mistakes helped MAKE ME who I am.

And, I am someone I can live with. I like me, and I am safe with my judgment.

I can live with confidence, knowing that safety and provision are around me and within me.

I am capable, I am smart, I am able, and I am wide awake.

With eyes wide open, and my mind fully open to strong possibilities, I trust myself again.

Because what is good within me contributes to what is right with my life and world.

And, I can decide when now feels right to choose something better for my life. Yes, indeed.

Quick, now...relax your body and mind.  Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and allow your major muscles to relax.  

Let's quickly re-visit our original bold affirmation of confidence, and this time notice any DIFFERENCE in how your inner critic responds:

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

"I hold unshakable confidence in my ability to successfully make my way through life."

Notice the difference in how your inner critic responded to those daring, life-scripting words?

You have taken your first step into a larger world of possibilities, dear one.

Visit us online any time at www.Chrysalism.org  and, with eyes wide-open, consider other thoughts and ideas we have to share. 

You truly are always in control, so only you can decide when the time is right to explore your new, larger world. 

Be at peace, dear ones.

In loving service, 

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