13 October 2020

Short-cut to Easier Meditation

From the desk of Servant Douglas

Re: Meditation Short-cut

Hello again, dear friends.

One of the biggest complaints I have heard regarding the topic of MEDITATION is that participants often feel unable to quiet the chaotic, distracted mind. As if attaining a quiet, centered mind is the only pathway to experiencing the unifying bliss of pure meditative state!

Here's a meditation secret:
the purpose of meditation is not to silence the mind, but rather to recognize that there is only ONE mind; you are merged with all.

The Free Path

When you realize with real eyes that you are not your body, but the quiet observer within the body, you will have placed one sandal upon the free path. When you next realize that you are not the observer, but you are observing the observer, you will have taken your first full step along the free path.

Yet, there is another step to take: always another step to take. Suffering is both the path and the journey the path-walker undertakes. Meditation allows one to see the path and the journey through obfuscation and scattered thoughts. Mental silence is what remains after the mind enjoys a time of unchaperoned indulgence and processing. Go with the ride, for the mind that scatters is an eternal child, playing in the golden sunlight of ever-after. There is no urgency in the illusion.

Again, dear ones:  there is no urgency in the illusion.

Meditation is observing the observer; knowing the knower; all the while progressively realizing that this material cosmos is but illusion granted us for growth and pleasure. When was the last time you were pleased with your growth?

Mental Liberation IS Control

Permit the meditating mind to wander, drift, interject; play mental music. Refuse to allow yourself to quietly focus upon the soft, stillness behind those wide open, softly-closed eyes. Make noise where calmness persists. Return order from chaos; create chaos from order. Be randomness.

All things are made new. That which is new weathers betimes into disrepair. And so, the cycle is restored. What use is firm concentration, where an orderly, disordered outcome is established, on the main?

Wetness withdraws into the driest texture. Aridness precipitates in giant droplets of soak and rejuvenation. And, all along, the mind drifts freely to contemplate observance and sensory overload, with mental imagery emblazoned across every firm attempt to still the tempest within. Folly! Set it free. Be as a child.

Paradox is the Key

As so often is the case with esoteric truth and pathways to greater enlightenment, the paradox IS the principle.

How can the sun be also the moon? The masculine and feminine, reconciled. The sun, standing southward at meridian height, reveals all that shadow conceals; yet, the softness of full, radiant moonlight creates magic wherever shadow falls.

That which destroys is brought low asunder by that which creates.  Who but honored Woman holds the power to birth spirits into third-dimensional, material existence? I tell you, she holds the greater key to the mysteries of the universe. A lock for a key; she offers understanding to the fevered mind, burning with desire to know the knower within.

When the lower becomes as the upper, and the inner becomes as the outer; as the seeker becomes that which is sought. and that which is known becomes as she who seeks to know; as the morning dew moistens that which receives; as that which receives conjoins to that which moistens; as aged wine to silver chalice; as that which is within becomes like that which is without; the free path is apprehended and achieved in a single step.

The yoga of gentle meditation needs no cruel taskmaster to force grievous compliance. It is a simple matter, like smiling in the face of a gentle midsummer breeze, upon which delicately floats a soft, breathy name spoken in sublime ecstasy: beloved Magdalene.

Stillness Eventually Comes

The root of spiritual paradox hints at its application upon the free path. Only when we unleash our mental calmness to know and seek, and through unfettered liberation opine and reflect, to taste and know our prudent lust in lavish reserve; only then do we prepare a safer place in the mind for our inner observer to perceive the knower within.

"Know thyself", the Delphic maxim commands. What may we do, those stirring few who seek to know the Unknowable which eternally contemplates the All? There is no self; yet, who is the self that observes that there is no self?  One treads the free path only to the extent that she, in knowing faith, takes the next step. Freedom sets the soul to flight. Detachment comes from a shifting perspective.

It is only by realizing our deepest hindrances to the free path that we liberate the mind within, setting free our everlasting connection point with Source. We become evermore free as we perceive our deepest limitations and restraint.

Therefore, in your meditative practice abandon the novice dependency upon form, ritual, or accouterment. Intention and expectation work the alchemical fires of creation. Force will not calm the perturbed pond. Stillness comes when it is time. The mind prepares itself for inner peace when it feels ready. The prepared instrument may play the sweetest music of the age. Be peaceful in your playful meditations, until the day comes when only stillness appears. 

There is magic in you. You've only to unleash it. 

Allow the mind to wander in seemingly unproductive, irritating ways. You are running out remnants of thoughts, old traumas, concerns, and idle distractions. You have eternity, so why not afford your seasoned mind a little patience until it feels ready to relax into that majestic stillness you crave?

Be the peace you seek.
Share the love you make.
Become the light that leads.

It all begins where it ends, in the Universal Consciousness.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Be blessed and well, always and in all ways, indeed.

Your servant in love,

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