15 October 2020

Ready to GIVE UP ?

From the desk of
Servant Douglas

Re:  Ready to GIVE UP?

Hello, dear friends.

Douglas here, with you again in response to a message I received from a follower of the work. In short, she felt as though her whole life has simply been a wasted experience. She felt like an utter failure, and lately, she has contemplated giving up on life.

What can be done to soothe the wounded heart?

One important piece of the puzzle is to understand that failure IS success, here on Earth.

The Struggle is the Point

Imagine for a moment that you could lose nothing, ever. You could not lose money, comfort, friends, security, love, health, happiness, shelter, or time.  You could never experience the hard lessons of adversity because it was impossible for you to fail. 

Now, imagine that Source, the living consciousness that goes by countless names, asked you to explain the concept of "loss".  You could never explain such because you cannot truly and fully understand that which you have not experienced. Source needs your help in understanding loss; yet, you have nothing to hand. You see, when you gather something, then you have something to hand. When you do not gather something, you have nothing to hand. It's difficult to teach what you have never learned.

Mission Two: The Search for Loss

In Chrysalism, we offer mythology which suggests that the first great assignment from Source Everlasting was for the angels to seek out all knowledge pertaining to what Source was like. With the great declaration, "I Am!" Source established a divine presence through true consciousness. The first mission soon followed: "Now, go forth and discover ALL that which I Am."

After a time of extensive data acquisition, the angelic host presented their findings to Source. These findings greatly pleased the One Consciousness, Who entered into a time of private meditation, in order to ruminate upon the data which were presented. During this time of quiet concentration, Source is not to be disturbed. Before entering the Chrysalis-like state of self-exploration, Source decreed a new mission: Mission 2

"I Am! Therefore, go forth and discover ALL that which I Am not." And, so it was that Source placed the arch-angels in charge of Mission Two and then sealed Itself up the Holy Chrysalis. 

This mythology hints at one possibility as to why Source sometimes feels distant, or why "God" allows suffering on Earth. In short, Source is sequestered in the chrysalis of deep meditative, undistracted contemplation. God is not gone, but simply quite busy. It is not God who allows evil in this world, but rather, it is the nature of this world to provide loss, from whence evil emerges. After all, Mission Two is the search for loss.

Why We Struggle

Carrying this mythology forward to today's troubled times, one may begin to see why humans struggle and suffer: we are, in the way of mortal flesh, gathering experiential data of LOSS, otherwise known as all the things that Source is not.  Source is not suffering. Source is not hatred, nor bitterness; nor is Source envy, want, lack, covetousness, nor murder, nor anger. 

Source is not greed, nor illness; Source is neither death nor pain.  What is pain, but the LOSS of comfort?  What is poverty, but the LOSS of abundant provision?  For all these experiences which mortal flesh may endure, there is a common root for the source of evil in earthly life: the concept of LOSS. 

The fear of loss, itself, has always bedeviled fragile humankind. We appear on this world naked, cold, and afraid. Humans emerge with neither warm, protective fur nor the means of adequate self-defense. In every sense, we are begging to experience loss while in this primitive form. 

Earth is just one of the undoubtedly many worlds where third-dimensional experience may afford mortal flesh the opportunity to experience every form of loss. Loss drives men mad; loss breaks hearts and shatters dreams. The fear of loss intimidates and cowers the ambitious and the broken, in equal measure. Loss frosts hearts and makes hardened the souls of weary people. The fear of loss has always been devil enough to burden and crush human existence; we have needed no other force to encumber our stride.

Victory Is Yours

Source is the light. Shadow is what happens when something occludes the light from hungry eyes. For everything that is great about Source, there may be found a shadow experienced by turning away from the Light. I tell you truly, we need never fear shadows; for they simply mean the Light is shining nearby.

One reason why people struggle in life is that they have been unwitting participants in the great second mission -- the search to experience and report on ALL that Source is not. One source of evil in this world is the concept of LOSS. For truly, there is no evil visited upon humankind that does not contain loss as a contributory element or factor. Loss is vital for understanding that which Source is not. 

Therefore, I say to you, those who struggle and suffer to the point of giving up: congratulations!  You, more so than the rest of those who labor on Earth, have contributed much toward fulfillment of Mission Two.  Your struggles have earned you laurels back home, from whence we came. And, may peaceful patience be upon us, for in due time we all return home to submit our hard-earned experiential data uploads. 

Your struggles have not been for nothing. In truth, your service makes all the difference to the great work at hand. We could never grow without your volunteer efforts. You are the difference that selfless love has made. 

Once Is Enough

In a world of darkness, you help bring the sparks of light. You did not have to come, yet again, to help assist this benighted world. And yet, here you are, in whatever capacity presently serves your deeper service. When examined from a larger perspective, there may be found no greater success than the lowly servant who goes unrecognized throughout her labors.  The overlooked, the disenfranchised, and the poor are among those burdened many who have borne the mission on willing shoulders. This is why the Greatest Master assured us that "blessed are those who..."

The good news is that once you have experienced a particular loss, you may begin to cancel the obligation to re-visit that same suffering in future encounters. Once is enough. The duplicity of data is not preferred; you need not continue an endless cycle of repeated negative experiences or mistakes. Often we see people who repeatedly enter into abusive relationships, falling into predictable patterns with disastrous outcomes every time.  You are not working out some karmic debt. You are selflessly aiding Mission Two. One needs only to turn in her assignment and cancel the inclination to repeat the same mistakes. You do have a choice.


Peace and Joy Are Also Available

You need not carry the weight of Mission Two alone. Once you have suffered some negative outcomes, give yourself permission to enjoy life and the riches that it has to offer. Look around you; not everyone struggles and suffers, day by day. You, too, may cancel the need to continuously gather loss. Flip the script!

Instruct your mind, which is to say that spark of divine consciousness which recognizes you as a living, independent being, and command your consciousness to deliver to you new and interesting opportunities to contribute to Mission One, instead.  Ask your higher self for assistance shifting from Mission Two over into Mission One.  You have served your time! Isn't it time for some fun?

As you recall, Mission One seeks to experience ALL that Source is: the love, the joy, the peace, plenty, abundance, comfort, provision, manifestation, and profound feelings of purpose and satisfaction.  These, too, are your natural birthright; you need merely to claim an interest in them to begin to turn your life around. 

Where your focus burns with emotional bliss, your experiences must be led to follow. By working with this great power, human fascination, opportunities and new experiences may become available to us. Some call this blessed gift the "law of attraction", the common understanding of which is rather like the outer porch to the greater temple of Mission One. Learn the deeper truths to harnessing your birthright.

Each of us enjoys angelic assistants who are usually restrained from intervention in our physical mission work unless we specifically ask for help. Source is busy, and until Source emerges from the chrysalis of self-reflection and study, we must wait while diligently performing mission service. In fact, no one knows the day or hour of Source emerging. Therefore, use this opportunity to grow yourself, through contemplative work within the three great pillars: doing good, becoming better, and sharing love.

The choice is always yours: either focus on love or loss; Mission One or Mission Two.  

Therefore, dear ones, do not end your present work.  Persist with us. Lean upon our gentle understanding until you find your footing, once more. The way will clear, your refreshed life path will rise to meet you, and with new-found strength and purpose, your life can begin to unfold according to the promise and the love in which we all share. 

Persist in your struggle, and when you decide to focus on the good things in life, flip the script.

You are vital to this human experience. This is why I repeatedly remind you that you truly are everything, briefly packed into something, in order to serve the greater good until that exciting day when Source Everlasting emerges from contemplative thought and awards you for your hard service, speaking "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."  

In loving service, 
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Stay blessed! 

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