19 October 2020

Finding Calmness


From the desk of Servant Douglas

Re: Finding Calmness

Hello, again, dear friends.
Douglas here, with a question from a reader in the United Kingdom:

"Servant Douglas, how may we find calm in the midst of life's struggles?"

Such a perfect question for the times in which we presently live. When we look around, whether by social media, print news, or on televised news channels, we can quickly become overwhelmed at the bombardment of negativity and struggle that grips people, everywhere. 

Earth has never been an easy world in which to live. So, if we are to enjoy peace in our time, how may we find that center of calmness amidst the hectic swirl of life?

Calming the Storm

I told my troubles to a stone, and yet the stone stood firm. I told my troubles to a cat, and yet the cat moved on. I shared my troubles with a cow, and lo, it softly mooed. I took my troubles up to Source, and Source shared peace, profound. Who do you turn to whenever the storms of life rage around you? 

There is a cause for human life; there is a higher power upon Whom we may rely during the ups and downs of life. If all that we have to lean upon is our own understanding, how troublesome and unsteady life soon begins to feel! Today's people cry out for proof before a hefty measure of faith will be given; yet, the process works entirely in reverse. Free Will requires that we first give a direct invitation to Source, that It may move on our behalf. 

The good farmer plants a seed, expecting a harvest in due season. A diligent student puts in her time, preparing her understanding. A wise woman secures a choice selection of real estate, and its value grows over time. A young person works long hours, while others play, knowing that in due time his efforts will not have gone in vain. The time to begin creating your tomorrow is now.

Therefore, let me encourage you NOW to establish some sort of open relationship with Source, BEFORE life grows hectic. Mission Two, that search to experience all that Source is NOT, is ever-present. If your life holds no firm foundation, it cannot easily withstand the strong blasts of Mission work. Loss grows all around us, but an open faith that all things work for good helps to create anchor points for steady living. An open, trusting relationship with the Force that spoke worlds into existence is a pathway to calming the storms of life. And, there is a pathway that seems unusual to some, yet it leads to fulfillment for those willing to guide themselves along the trail.

Your first step in establishing peace which persists is to undergo the uncomfortable task of examining what beliefs you are willing to accept versus those which have not served you. When would now be the right time to reach up? The shattered addict finally turns to prayer, thinking there is nothing left to lose. Had she only started at the Source, her Mission work may not have had to be so costly or painful. Any loss is loss, after all; it is not the degree of loss that counts, but the individual perspective which, contrasted against the main, gives a richer definition of the core concept. When you reach up, what meets you halfway will never let you down.

You need not wait until you have no other alternative than to reach out to Source. Do not expect instant miracles to solve problems. Divine intervention sometimes harms your assignment more than aides such. Source doesn't pay the late water bill or keep you housed. Source doesn't bail someone out after a wild night of partying. Source works best with plenty of lead time, to allow the right opportunities, people, and events to be carefully brought to bear upon your circumstances. When we include Source Everlasting in our life's plans, often what would have gone wrong suddenly works together for our good. So, don't wait! Begin your turn around by partnership with the living Source.

Quick Emotional Relief

Friends, I did not create the amazing human brain, but I did stumble upon one of its wonderful secrets. As we now know, the sense of smell activates the seat of emotional memory, called the amygdala. because of this activation, your awesome mind may redefine how strongly it feels about past or present circumstances or events. It gives you back control over how to feel about things

Aroma may be used in a certain way to help relieve negative emotions. If you know what bothers you, think about how intensely it upsets you. Rate this emotional intensity using a scale ranging from perfectly calm (zero) all the way up to most extreme (eleven). Jot down the number that bests reflects your emotional intensity. That way you can compare progress after this brief exercise.

Find a safe, secure location, free from distraction. Be certain not to use this exercise while operating machinery or while performing tasks that otherwise require your attention. Select a safe, familiar aroma and gently take in seven slow, deep breaths. The purpose of deep breathing is to allow your mind to
regain control over your physical stress. Quite slowly and gently, now, allow the tension in your arms and shoulders to drop, lower and lower, as you regain self-control.

Next, speak the following words of self-instruction:

It feels better to take back control, of my mind and body.
And I like how it feels.

I remember how it feels to give myself back control.

And even though I don't know how to fix what's wrong,
I can trust again that there are answers to be found.

And, when I know how to fix problems in life, it feels good.
I can feel safe when I know what to do.

Because the how reassures me that a fix may be on its way.
A fix may be on its way to me, shortly.

And, I can know how to help fix problems when the time is right.
Because without the right time, even knowing how doesn't help.

But, I can wait a bit longer, knowing help is coming soon.
And, I will trust a little more when I see the help that comes.

I'm more in control now than I was, before.
I can choose how to feel, and maybe I'll decide to feel calmer.
More certain. More at ease, just now.  I might decide to feel it.

And, when I choose to help myself by feeling what I need,
I can decide to accept all help and goodness in my life.

The how is oh so very important, and I haven't forgotten it, yet.
Because how reassures me that something will be done.
When I know how it all works out, I can trust a thing to get done. 

And who knows when a HOW will come, but feeling frames the outcome.
So, I might decide to feel better, so I won't miss out on the HOW.

Lastly, finish with seven more slow, cleansing breaths, all while gently sniffing your safe, familiar aroma. When aroma activates a part of the mind to remember the goodness that life has to offer, the feeling frames the outcomes by changing expectancy and focus from lower vibrational thoughts back up to higher consciousness.  The shift sets the stage for a season of improvement.

ONE MORE THING: Quick now, re-rate those feelings. Remember, the scale goes from extremely intense eleven all the way down to calm, peaceful zero.  Jot down your new emotional intensity rating score, and just for now, compare the new number to your first.   Your number got lower, didn't it?

Isn't that awesome?  Use that wonderful self-control restoration trick whenever you need it.

Parting Thoughts

Dear friends, in this time we have together, let's work to improve the world in which we live. The three golden pillars give us ample room for growth, reminding us by thoughts and by deeds to do good, become better, and share love. When we extend helpful energy, we plant seeds for others and for our own abundant harvest. Compassion is a gift that blesses both ways. 

If this message has in some way blessed you, please consider sharing it with a friend or companion? Our outreach is an expression of our compassion for others, allowing us to serve the people by doing good.

In all experiences, remember that you are the magic of each moment. You are the ones who bring the love of heaven to Earth. Be blessed, dear ones, always and in all ways. Amen.

In loving service, 

P.S.  Our messages are brought to you by Universal Chrysalism, a path to peace. Now, You See.
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